L.A.'s #1 Painspotter Amy Marquet

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Amy has a great touch and gets right to the spot that's knotted up. Following extensive ankle surgery I had constant swelling in my foot for a year. 2 sessions with Amy got rid of it permanently.
—Mathias L.

It is all about letting her in to dig the pain out. She never fools around, always gets strait to the point. She killed a ok-now-I-am-gonna-die headache in 10 seconds. Try to figure out what she can do in an hour.
—Juliette M.

When it comes to massage there’s only one, ONE, person, AMY MARQUET. I Have had MASSAGES IN Hong Kong, Panama, Italy, and Central America, as well as in the US. Take it from me, “u ain’t seen nothing yet” until you get Amy’s magic hands on your frame. My buddy in Hawaii would have her move there just to be able to have Amy do his therapy. Add her knowledge of the physiology of the human to the hands and, VOILA, no more pain.
—Bill D.

Thank you Amy!!! Your magic hands have dramatically improved my wellbeing. No more lower back pain. No more aches the morning after 18 holes of golf. You really make a difference.
—Larry F.

I have been a nurse for 18 years. In that time, due to the very physical work I do, I have abused my body to a great degree. I came to Amy one evening, because my left arm and shoulder, which I have had constant pain in for several years, flared to a degree that I could not tolerate anymore. I am normally a person who only uses Ibuprofen for pain. I was prepared to go to the ER, and receive massive drugs, just for the pain to go away. In addition, the left arm could no longer move above the shoulder, and had not been able to for years. With one hour long session, Amy was able to pinpoint the cause and placement of the pain, and bring it down to a tolerable level. With a series of massage appointments, over a period of approximately 6-8 weeks, the arm was finally able to move above the shoulder, and the pain was gone. Now I see her a few times a month, to keep my body limber and in tune, and maintain a pain free existence. I love this woman!
—Terri E. RN

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