L.A.'s #1 Painspotter Amy Marquet

Voted LA's #1 Painspotter - LA WEEKLY Pain demon, be gone.

When the odd demon holes up in my shoulder, and my body goes into full-fledged revolt, I turn to Amy Marquet's tenacious hands and aromatheray arsenal. The tiny spitfire with a wild Aquarian imagination and 16 years of experience under her (neatly trimmed) fingernails has a talent for finding those deeply hidden sore spots, and going after them with a gentle ferocity.
Plus, she's delightful.

-Dani Katz: LA WEEKLY

Personalized Attention

If you're looking for custom care, and a firm but gentle touch, Amy Marquet will use over two decades of healing experience to target your tight spots, invigorate your senses and soothe your soul.

The licensed massage therapist and aroma therapy magician will intuituvely zoom in on trouble spots, knots and kinks. From the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, specialized scents and strong hands calm a range of ailaments, and will leave you feeling like a new person.